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The signs below are, on the basis of provenance, likely to have come from, or could come from, Irish sources. Any suggestions on likely companies would be welcome. Suggested proofs would be particularly appreciated.

Coat of Arms

Still looking for a SLNCR coa that I can use or draw. DC notes that it includes two locos facing each other, one being derailed, symbolising the failure of the Bundoran extension. Any other info for the artist?

Rolling Stock railwayana

Locomotive nameplates, etc.:

click for 5.4K .jpg image of valve cover Loco safety valve cover (thought to be from a Keady & Armagh contractors' loco). Source: SRA1211

Works & tenderplates:
click for 10K .jpg image of BP 1920 makers plate BP 1920 makers' plate possibly Irish. Source: GCR0414 full image 35K
click for 8K .jpg image of BP 1902 makers plate BP 1902 makers' plate possibly Irish. Source: GCR0414 full image 48K
click for 14K .jpg image of BP makers plate Beyer Peacock makers' plate, origin unknown. Source: GCR916. (full image 42K).
click for 10K .jpg image of BP plate Beyer Peacock 1914 makers plate (a less than 1 in 19 chance it is Irish). Source: GCR316. (full image 53K).
click for 9K .jpg image of B.P. makersplate Beyer Peacock 1896 makers plate (less than 1 in 11 chance Irish). Source: GCR1215. (full image 41K).
click for 15.4K .jpg image of Spence wagon plate Spence wagon worksplate. Source: SRA1200.
click for 7.6K .jpg image of Spence loco plate Spence loco worksplate. Source: RAG37.(full image 12.7k)
click for 9K .jpg image of Fox plate Fox plate (reportedly scrap from Inchicore works). Source: M. Newport. (full image 39k)


click for 6K .jpg spitting image Spitting image. Irish, but which?


click for 10.4K .jpg image of Courtney, Stephens & Bailey wagon plate Glo'ster Wagon Co, Courtney Stephens & Bailey Dublin wagon plate. Source: SRA911

Lineside and station railwayana


Bridge Restriction:

Bridge Numbers:

click for 10.8K .jpg image of Irish bridge Bridge number (Portrush?). Source: SRA311 (telephone auction)

Trespass, etc.:

click for 5K .jpg image of Irish BOTSource: RAG9 (full image 46K).

click for 16K .jpg image of Irish caution Irish caution notice. Source: SRA311


click for 2K .jpg image of Irish milepost From North of Ireland, company unknown (full image 7k).

click for 2K .jpg irish milepost Irish milepost. But which?


click for 9K .jpg image of railchairUnidentified Irish railchair. Any thoughts? Souce: D.Cronin

click for 3K image of Arigna rail in .jpg format Source: RAG15 (full image 10k).


click for 16K .jpg image of 'To railway sign'. 'To railway' sign. Source: GCR410. (full image 37k)

click for 9K .jpg caution click for 6K .jpg cautionclick for 4K .jpg image of Irish caution 'Irish' caution. Source: TRA803 for 3rd

A two-sided sign shown above. This particular sign must have been affixed by the four bolt holes in the corners to show both sides. Shades on the unrestored Notice side suggests that it was attached to a latticed gate. Tim Petchey reckoned BCDR. But John B. confirms definitely GNRI.

click for 7K .jpg bells

Company of origin required again for the sign shown above. Believed to have come from King Street, Newry. Source: R.A. John B. confirms GNRI origin .

click for 4K .jpg ladies waiting room Ladies waiting room enamel from Cookstown. Source: D.Cronin. John B. confirms NCC, probably BNCR.

click for 6.8K .jpg image of station masterAt Downpatrick, so presumably BCDR. Source: D.Cronin

click for 5K .jpg gents

Originally thought to be GNRI (Two others, Station Master and General Waiting Room 3rd class, are still shown on my GNRI lineside data page). Some doubt as Tim Petchey thought BNCR, but John B. confirms "it is absolutely GNR(I) standard pattern, to be found everywhere on the system".

Also, the second line seems to have been ground off and has been replaced by a carefully painted "1st & 2nd class". When, why, what, if anything, was there before, is of interest?


click for 3K .jpg image of Irish ground signal 'Irish' ground lamp. Source: TRA1003

D.C. notes that in E.M. Patterson reprint of the history of the GNR(I), lamps similar to that above appear in pictures on p.168 (Clones) and p.170 (GV Street).

click for 3K .jpg image of Irish lamp"Irish" lamp. Source: SRA903. Tony Peart, in RAG 19, says MGWR.

click for 2.4K .jpg image of Irish lamp'Irish' lamp. Source: TRA304
click for 10K .jpg image of 'Thurles lamp'. 'Thurles', but described GNRI, lamp. Source: GWR510.
click for 6.4K .jpg image of piecrust lampIrish three-aspect pie-crust handlamp. Source: SRA1211

click for 6K .jpg image of Linley 1917 lamp Irish three-aspect handlamp ('Linley 1917'). Source: SRA1211

click for 6K .jpg image of small loco headlamp Irish small loco headlamp - maker 'Griffith'. Source: SRA1211

click for 4.8K .jpg image of station lamp Irish station lamp. Source: SRA312

click for 4.6K .jpg image of Londonderry Port lamp Unclassified - Londonderry Port & Harbour Commissioners' loco headlamp. Source: ebay1004. (full image 10k).

Cutlery, china, ashtrays etc.:
click for 2K .jpg image of IRCH soup plate IRCH soup plate (monogram). Source: ebay105
click for 8K .jpg image of IRCH soup plate Irish Railway Clearing House soup plate. Source: GCR0215. full image 14K
click for 10K .jpg image of Caledonian sugar bowlclick for 7.5K .jpg image of Caledonian bowl engraving Caledonian Steam Packet (Irish services) sugar bowl and engraving. Source: SRA613
click for 8K .jpg image of Belfast Steamship Co. milk jugBelfast Steamship Co. milk/cream jug. Source:BRI1012 (full image 7K)

click for 10K .jpg image of Belfast Steamship glassclick for 7.5K .jpg image of Belfast Steamship glass engraving Belfast Steamship Co. glass (full image 10k) and engraving (full image 24k). Source: SRA613
click for 12K .jpg image of Belfast Steamship sherry glass Belfast Steamship Co. crystal sherry glass. Source: GNR0614 full image 53K.


click for 11K .jpg mystery signThere is another A477. Both have traces of CIE type green. Diameter of circle is 24 cms, length 74 cms. Source: D.Rynne.

click for 8K .jpg image of Pierce platePierce 56x20 (reputedly railway cart). Any comments? Source: SRA492

click for 3K .jpg image of GNWRI seal GNWRI seal. Source: ebay1204

click for 8.4K .jpg image of RCH Belfast mapRailway Clearing House 1909 Belfast area, with all company lines shown. Source: ebay1107. (full image 37k).

click for 6K .jpg image of IRCH goods Irish Railway Clearing House Goods Classification 1932. Source: GCR1013. (full image 15k)

click for 5K .jpg image of Irish NG 'Irish Narrow Gauge Rolling Stock' book 1912. Source: SRA1215. (full image 11K).

click for 14K .jpg image of 1840s Irish rail map 'Ireland with Rail' map 1840's. Source: SRA1215. (full image 38K).

click for 3.8K .jpg image of P & T noticeTelegraph pole sign. Source: SRA1207

click for 48K .jpg image of Lord Glenavy passes Lord Glenavy gold railway & ship passes. Source: GCR1216. (full image 230K).

click for 19K .jpg image of Dundalk/Newry shipping.Dundalk/Newry shipping. Source: TRA210. (full image 43.7k).

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