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History: Summary

Enniskillen-Belcoo section opened in 1879. To Glenfarne on 1/1/1880. Manorhamilton was reached on 1/12/1880, Collooney on 1/9/1881, Carrignagat Jct. on 7/11/1882 giving access to Sligo over the MGWR. The SLNCR was the last Irish railway to purchase a steam locomotive (1951). The line closed in 1957.

Rolling stock: 13 New locos built 1877-1951 (10 Beyer Peacock - Mks.Nos. 2137-8 of 1882, 3677 of 1895, 4073-4 of 1899, 4592 of 1904, 4720 of 1905, 5943 of 1917 and 7138 and 7242 of 1949, 2 Avonside Engine Co. Mks.Nos. 1197-8 of 1877, 1 Hudswell Clarke Mks.No. 261 of 1883). 7 secondhand locos acquired 1897-1941 (2 contractors, 5 GNR). An AEC ex-GNR railbus was acquired in 1935, and 2 others in 1938. A diesel railcar from Walker Bros. was delivered in 1947 (sold to CIE on closure). Total rolling stock was at a peak in 1913 when there were 19 carriages, 13 'other passenger' vehicles and 201 freight wagons (probably one half cattle and the remaining half split fairly equally between covered and open). Initial orders for rolling stock went to the Bristol Wagon Co. (2 tricompos, 2 3rds, 2 3rd brakes, 27 covered and 10 ballast wagons in 1877). Two 6 wheel composites came, in 1909, from the DNGR and three bogie coaches from Hurst, Nelson in 1924. 10 coaches were in existence in 1947.
Works: Locos and wagon works at Manorhamilton. Renewal of fireboxes were contracted out to Dundalk.
Livery: Original loco livery was lined olive green with polished brass domes and chimney caps. Nameplates were also brass with polished letters and painted ground. Later a plain black livery was adopted which was also applied to the brasswork, although the borders and lettering of the nameplates were picked out in red. For a short period while in the early days of the black livery, the company initials SL&NCR appeared on the tanks of the 0-6-4T locos and on the tenders of the 4-4-0's; the ampersand was omitted on 'Sir Henry'. Coupling rods were painted red. The livery of the railcars and railbuses was two tone green with white roofs. Below the waistline was regent green, with olive green above separated by one or two narrow black lines. The company's full initials were applied at waist level in shaded leaf transfers. The letter identification was shown, again by means of transfers, below the driver's window on the front of the railbuses, and, on the railcar, on the panel separating the two windows on both the power unit and passenger saloon ends. The carriage livery was maroon, unlined with the company's full initials (SL&NCR), running number (preceded by No.) and class indication applied in shaded leaf transfers. The livery of goods stock was the customary grey with the company initials (latterly abbreviated as "SLNC") and running number applied in white paint; the number appeared on the ends of the vehicles in addition to the sides.
Staff: Locomotive superintendents were R.Logan 1879, H.Tottenham 1881, E.Murphy 1892, E.Shanks 1911, R.W.Sparks 1919, G.F.Egan 1925-1957. Secretaries were R.E.Davis 1877-1895 (Manager and Receiver 1895-1897) and 1897-1908, S.B.Humphries (and General Manager) 1908-9, J.Duff 1909- , S.C.Little (and G.M. from 1918) 1921-1956, E.W.Monahan (and G.M.) 1956-57.
Signalling: Staff and ticket. Sections and (forms of staffs) in 1936 were: Enniskillen- Florencecourt (White metal, round with cross head)- Belcoo (Round)- Glenfarne (Round)- Manorhamilton (Brass, square)- Dromahair (Triangular) -Collooney (Round). In 1936 the Collooney-Ballysodare section had replaced the original between Collooney and Carrignagat Jct.(no record available of type) and was worked under GSR electric train staff regulations.

Further reading: N.W.Spinks Sligo, Leitrim and Northern Counties Railway, "SLNCR 40 Years Closed" JIRRS 1097.
newWeb: See Belturbet site for SLNCR material.

Coat of Arms

Rolling Stock railwayana

Locomotive nameplates and numbers:

click for 10K .jpg image of SLNCR nameplate SLNCR nameplate. Source: SRA399

click for 6K .jpg image of SLNCR nameplate SLNCR nameplate. Source: SRA292, b/w enhanced

click for 3.4K .jpg image of SLCR nameplateSLNCR nameplate. Source: SRA607 (full image 8k)

click for 10K .jpg image of SLNCR nameplate SLNCR 'Lough Melvin' nameplate. Source: SRA311.

click for 6.4K image of Lough Erne nameplate at EnniskillenSLNCR nameplate - Enniskillen Railway Museum. Source: RAG60.

click for 12.6K .jpg image of SLNCR cabside SLNCR cabside. Source: SRA311 (with photo mods to right and top)

Works & tenderplates:

click for 3.4K .jpg image of SLNCR makers plate SLNCR makers' plate. Source: SRA306. (full image 7k).

click for 15K .jpg image of SLNCR BP plate SLNCR Beyer Peacock 1899 makers plate. Source: GCR316. (full image 39k).

click for 10.2K .jpg image of SLNCR plate SLNCR 'Hazelwood' or 'Lissadel' maker's plate. Source: SRA1211

click for 2.6K .jpg image of SLNCR axlebox coverSLNCR axlebox cover. Source: RAG30. (full image 13k)

click for 8.3K .jpg image of SLNCR axlebox SLNCR axlebox cover. Source: TRA0314 full image 106K

click for 6K .jpg image of SLNCR axlebox coverfull image 41K SLNCR axlebox cover. Source: GCR616.

Lineside and station railwayana


Bridge Restriction:

Bridge Numbers:

click for 13K .jpg image of SLNCR trespassSLNCR enamel trespass (ETSL101). Source: T.Petchey (full image 66k)
click for 26K .jpg image of SLNCR trespass. SLNCR trespass. Source: GCR1009.

click for 7K .jpg image of SLNCR gateclick for 7K .jpg image of SLNCR gate click for 2.2K .jpg image of SLNCR gate click for 9.6K .jpg image of SLNCR gate click for 4.9K .jpg image of SLNCR gate SLNCR gates. Sources: SRA1295, SRA1298 & SRA1206 & SRA907 & TRA313 (full image 19k)


click for 18K .jpg image of SLNCR lampSLNCR (but later determined MGWR) Station lamp. Source: SRA300
click for 5K .jpg image of SLNCR posterboard SLNCR poster board. Source: RAG60




click for 5K .jpg image of SLNCR offencesSLNCR offences poster 46x66. Source: KRA198
click for 4K .jpg image of SLNCR posterSLNCR TT poster 1955, 39x50. Source: SRA296
click for 8K .jpg image of SLNCR posterSLNCR poster. Source: BRI1012. (full image 24k)

click for 5.4K .jpg image of SLNCR TTSLNCR 1957 TT. Source: ebay607 (full image 24k)

click for 18K .jpg image of SLNCR penalty posterSLNCR penalty poster. Source: TRA210. (full image 33k)

click for 5K .jpg image of SLCR ticketsSLNCR tickets. Source: PRO605 (full image 26k)

click for 5K .jpg image of SLCR ticketsSLNCR tickets. Source: ebay0408 (full image 17k)

click for 4K .jpg image of SLNCR capSLNCR cap. Source: TRA901

click for 14K .jpg image of SLNCR labelSLNCR label. Source: RAG45 (full image 117k)
click for 13.2K .jpg image of SLNCR pass SLNCR pass. Source: GCR513(tickets). (full image 68k)

click for 11K .jpg image of SLNCR free pass SLNCR free pass. Source: SRA0114 full image 57K

click for 10K .jpg image of SLNCR free pass SLNCR free pass. Source: SRA1101. full image 51K

click for 19K .jpg image of SLNCR free pass SLNCR free pass 1920. Source: SRA1215. full image 57K.

click for 10.3K .jpg SLNCR stamp SLNCR stamp. Source: ebay509. (full image 39K).

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