Waterford and Tramore Railway

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History: Summary

Waterford and Tramore Railway [Incorporated 1851. Opened 5/9/1853]. Route mileage 7 miles. Single main line with no intermediate stations and no branches. Constituent of Great Southern Railways in 1925. Closed 31/1/1960.

Rolling stock: 5 new locos built 1854-1908 (3 William Fairbairn - 1 on loan, 1 Slaughter Grunning - Wks. No. 452 of 1861, 1 Andrew Barclay - Wks. No. 1137), 1 acquired secondhand 1854 from contractor. Few goods vehicles, originally 10 opens (down to 5 at grouping). Three covered, five open wagons, 4 locos and 21 coaches passed to GSR.
Works: Waterford.
Livery: It is thought that early engines were known by their colours rather than being numbered. But other sources suggest a constant light green bodywork with black bands lined vermillion on the boilers and brown frames, whilst the domes, where provided, and other mountings were of polished brass except for the chimney caps which were copper. First class carriages were dark blue with white lining and third class dark red (brownish hue) with black lining. The inside of the frames was painted orange. Lettering was yellow edged with red and the number appeared in a garter bearing the company's name once on each vehicle. [EFC In 1900 engines were green lined with red and black, 3rd class coaches - maroon, 1st - royal blue with yellow lining. In 1900 engines were light green with black bands lined with vermillion and brown underframes. Engines nos. were brass figures on cab side sheets [JAP: Only locos in GSR to keep plates to the end]. Domes were polished brass and chimneys copper topped. Coaches were dark blue with white lining and lettering in yellow shaded red. Third class coaches were dark red with black lining and lettering in gold shaded red. Goods wagons were grey with white lettering and black ironwork. In 1900 locos were light green picked out with fine red lines. Boiler lagging bands were light brass and domes polished brass. In 1913 engines were light green with banding of black and vermillion lining. Underframes were mid-brown and chimney copper topped. Domes and no. plates were polished brass. 1st class coaches were dark blue lined out white and 3rd class red lined out black. Lettering in both cases was in yellow shaded black. Goods vehicles were painted lead grey with white lettering.]
Staff: Loco superintendents: Henry Waugh 1860-1908, J.Ramsey 1908-1912, E.G.Johnson 1912-1925. Secretaries included G.N.Baker 1863-1877, W.Rea 1877-?.
Signalling: One engine in steam.

Further reading: H.Fayle and A.T. Newham The Waterford and Tramore Railway, J.A.Phelan "Tramore Railway Memories" JIRRS 1087.

Coat of Arms

"The W&TR (23cm wide x 30cm high) device has gilt edging, lettering shaded black, and ornamentation on red garter." Source: D. Cronin.

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