Cavan and Leitrim Railway

click for 8k CL coa in .jpg format Coat of arms, colours speculative

History: Summary

Originally the Cavan, Leitrim and Roscommon Light Railway and Tramway Co. registered on 3/2/1883. First section from Dromod to Belturbet (34 miles) opened on 17/10/1887. The branch from Ballinamore to Arigna was opened on 2/5/1888. Became the Cavan and Leitrim in 1895. 48 1/2 route miles in 1911. In 1920 extended to coalmines at Arigna. Closed 31/3/1959, the second last narrow gauge system to go, the last being the WCR. A section of the line was reopened in 1994.

Rolling stock: 9 locos (Robert Stephenson Mks. Nos. 2612-9 of 1884 and 3136 of 1904), 12 passenger, 12 other passenger, 143 goods wagons in 1911. On closures of other lines much stock found its way to the CLR.
Works: Ballinamore. Subsequently Inchicore.
Livery: Locos green with red lining. Carriages brown.(Casserly, Fayle: red brown). [Fayle] Black with red and white lining, numerals of cast brass were attached to cabsides and nameplates to side tanks. Carriages reddish brown.
Staff: Secretaries: 1886-8 E.Lillis, -92 U.Broughton, -1901 P.McNulty, 1902 J.McNulty, 1902-24 R.R.Stewart, Loco Superintendants: 1887-95 E.Redshaw, -96 W.H.Tomkins, -1920 T.H.Shanks, 16/8/1920 Capt.C.V.Rodgers, 1920-22 J.H.Cronin, -24 vacant, 1924 J.Rudden (who remained well into GSR days)
Signalling: Staff and ticket - both main line and the tramway, which was usually worked as one section. Passing loops at Ballyconnell, Bawnboy Rd., Ballinamore, Mohill and Drumshambo. Original blocks were Dromod, Mohill, Ballinamore, Bawnboy Rd., Ballyconnell and Belturbet. Wise staff with two metal tickets. Incorporated in staffs where necessary were Annett's keys for the intermediate points. By closure all Wise staffs had disappeared, with printed card tickets replacing them. (In 1915 the loco superintendant was instructed to make some Wise staffs since the patent had expired).

Further reading: P.J.Flanagan The Cavan and Leitrim Railway, Cavan and Leitrim Guide and Stock List, 2nd Ed., H.Fayle Narrow Gauge Railways of Ireland, Anthony Burges, Smoke Amidst the Drumlins: The Cavan and Leitrim in the 1950s - Irish Railway Photographers.
Web: The Cavan and Leitrim site has lots of information on the new CLR. Another new site, with Cavan and Leitrim Railway history, has recently emerged online, from descendants of Isabel, from whom the loco gets its name, daughter of R.H. Johnstone the longest serving director of the line. The site is worth delving into for detailed material on that railway and its creator has provided several photos (source indicated below as RHJ). The Narrow Gauge Museum at Tywyn in Wales has a number of Irish narrow gauge items. Browse through their collection starting at here for CLR railwayana. Items illustrated are: Accommodation gate notice, a 'C.L.& R.Ry' axlebox cover, and 2 CLR letter stamps.

Coat of Arms

click for 15k CL coa in .jpg format
newSource: Corel Draw and Photoshop, on basis of a b/w line drawing in H.Fayle, Narrow Gauge Railways of Ireland, p.185, colours speculative, eagle, hand and sword adapted from the wealth of clipart downloadable from Guntram von Wolkenstein's heraldry site

Rolling Stock railwayana

Locomotive nameplates:
click for 3K .jpg image of Isabel nameplateIsabel nameplate. Source: RHJ, descendant of Isabel

Works & tenderplates:

Carriage and wagon plates:
click for 2K .jpg image of CLRR 1888 axleboxclick for 4K .jpg image of CLRR axleboxCLRR axlebox covers
click for 2K .jpg image of CLR 1912 axleboxCLR 1912 axlebox cover
click for 4K .jpg image of CLR axleboxeMore axleboxes. Source: RHJ

click for 2.2K .jpg image of CLRR axlebox cover
Axlebox cover. Source: RAG30. full image 14K

click for 4.3K .jpg image of CLRR axleboxAxlebox cover. Source: A. Cutcliffe. full image 28K

click for 10.7K .jpg image of CLRR axleboxAxlebox cover. Source: RAG306. full image 56K

click for 8.3K .jpg image of CLRR axle cover.Axlebox cover. Source: GCR1009.

click for 10K .jpg image of CLR axlebox cover Cavan & Leitrim axlebox cover. Source: GWR1115. full image 150K

click for 10K .jpg image of CLRR axle box cover CLRR axle box cover. Source: GCR1216. full image 38K

Lineside and station railwayana


Bridge Restriction:

Bridge Numbers:

Trespass, etc.:

click for 19K .jpg image of CLR accomodation crossing CLR accomodation crossing at Tywyn. Source: RAG43

click for 6K .jpg image of CLR station sign CLR station direction sign. Source: SRA996
click for 3K .jpg image of CLR station Small CLR 'To station'. Source: TRA104
click for 16K .jpg image of 'To railway sign'. 'To railway' sign. Source: GCR410. full image 37K
click for 16K .jpg image of 'To Railway Station' enamel'To the Railway' enamel signs (possibly Irish NG, even CLR). Source: RNT1115. full image 37K.
click for 5K .jpg image of CLR ticketsCLR tickets. Source: RHJ



click for 4K .jpg image of Wise staffCLR bronze Wise staff 36cm, Go on to Mohill/Go on to Dromod. Source: SRA493
click for 4K .jpg image of second Wise staffNon-Irish Wise staff. Source: SRA1293
click for 10.3K .jpg image of CLR signal arm CLR (believed) lower quadrant signal arm. Source: TRA0314 full image 54K

Cutlery, china, ashtrays etc.:

click for 8K .jpg image of CLR rulebookCLR rule book. Source: RHJ
click for 15.5K .jpg image of CLR free pass CLR free pass. Source: SRA0114 full image 48K

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